Bigham Paratil

The Bigham Paratill® lifts and bends subsoil to remove hardpans. The difference is in the award winning leg design. The leg is angled 45 degrees to the side at working depths of 12” to 17” to gently lift the soil, allowing it to fracture along its natural planes of weakness and then settle back again. This loosening improves water infiltration and drainage, encourages root development,


and allows for deeper fertilizer placement. The gentle lifting action leaves topsoil and subsoil layers intact, minimizes clods, and leaves valuable residue on the surface.


Equip your Paratill® to match your operation. Placement of legs on centers of 20” to 28” provides Overall Loosening across the entire field. In addition, the legs can be spaced from 24” to 40” for Zone Loosening of row crops. A zone from 20” to 28” wide and up to 17” deep is prepared underneath the bed for superior root growth while maintaining firm traffic lanes between the rows.